V2 Kennels  Safe. Attractive. Secure.
The kennel pet-lovers love™                                             US Patent 8,613,130 - Other Patents Pending


Pictured above are just a few of the side by side
advantages with a V2 kennel vs. common chain link kennel.

Frankly, if you are like most folks, your yard increasingly has become an extension of your home. With that comes a need for fixtures, landscaping, and furnishings and that integrate the design of your indoor and outdoor living

Other than the color, does a chain link kennel really blend in with that new stainless BBQ Island in your yard? More importantly is it providing your pet with all the safety and security they need? While there are varying grades of chain link kennels, well constructed ones come at a price, and the bargain ones have many design concerns that any pet-lover would want to think twice about. Large gaps, weak connections, sharp wire ends are all hazards that V2 can help solve. 

As fence product experts and fellow pet-lovers we hope you will take advantage of our years of experience in designing all kinds of kennels and dog runs.

Whatever the product, an outdoor living space of their own gives your four legged companion the freedom to be outdoors when they can't be monitored, or be part of the party without being the "life" of the party.

V-Squared Kennels - Uncompromised design, at an affordable price.

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