V2 Kennels  Safe. Attractive. Secure.
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V-Squared Kennels

...because pets are family.

For little more than the cost of an ordinary kennel you can give your pet the safety and security of a V-Squared Kennel. Our patented design blends unobtrusively with your landscaping making V-Squared at home in the nicest of yards...yards like yours.
V-Squared is:
  • Attractive
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Affordable

Until now, your choice was a chain link dog run that in many yards simply looks out of place. After more than 30 years of designing fences and all kinds of kennels and dog runs we have designed the perfect balance between form and function for a residential outdoor kennel.

Perhaps yours is one of those neighborhoods where yard fencing…well just isn’t neighborly or isn't even allowed. V2 portable black kennels provide the perfect solution for pets that need a safe place to enjoy the outdoors but will barely be noticeable. And unlike invisible dog training devices our dog run will help keep your pet in, and other pets or wild animals out.

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